Our aims

The main aim of the educational policy at Canterbury is to help children achieve their full potential in all areas of their development within the bilingual framework of English and Spanish.

We aim:

● To promote skills and understanding to enable them to obtain the highest individual academic achievement.

● To encourage an understanding of art, music and literature to enable them to develop an aesthetic awareness and qualities of creativity and sensitivity.

● To provide a suitable atmosphere for the development of the necessary social values of mutual respect and understanding regardless of race, religion, sex or ability, enabling them to become, fair, just and successful citizens.

● To encourage them to think constructively about personal and social issues and develop points of view based on ethical considerations.

● To encourage pupils to consider themselves as world citizens with a desire to promote the well-being of all its inhabitants and to conserve and improve the natural environment.

● To encourage a spirit of co-operation amongst all those concerned with the school and to promote good communications between staff, pupils and parents.