On Friday, January 25th the second S5 Travel and Tourism group completed their coursework by executing a trip to the south of the island for ten of their classmates.

cristinagonzalez_-_copiaArtist of the week is Cristina Gonzalez Soto of S2A for her lovely dog mask, more photos of S2 masks will soon be on the website being modeled by the proud students.


The first artist of the week goes to Paula Garcia Medina of S1A for her drawings of people and their expressions. Well done Paula.

mia_-_copiaThe last artist of the week for term 1 is Mía Brinquis of S1D for her excellent self portrait collage. Well done Mía. 




Artist of the week is for the lovely colorful animal sketches done by Stella Rovira Pérez of S2A. Well done Stella.

Arthur_Christmas_operacin_regaloAs part of their AS compulsory coursework, S5 students have to plan, organize, finance and actually travel to a tourist destination where they will complete their written coursework requirements which they started this September. In order to help finance this academic trip, S5 students are organizing a cinema session for P6,S1,S2 on Friday 21 December, last day of this term. 

015_-_copiaCongratulations to the S5 Travel and Tourism group of Diego Martin, Naomi Alonso and Carla Lobeto for organizing and executing a trip to Fuerteventura as part of their S5 coursework. The students were responsible for planning, promoting and during the trip leading their customers who included fellow classmates and five teachers from the secondary school. 


Artist of the week has been awarded to Jorge Peñate of S1C for his lovely faces influenced by the work of pop artist Andy Warhol. 



S3 and S4 art students’ participated in a one day workshop with X student Sara Miranda.


Artist of the week for her lovely sketches of insects is awarded to María Martín of P6D. Well done María.


Artist of the week is for Chenchi Zheng of P6D for his lovely page based on Aboriginal Art.

nestor_sanguino_-_copiaNestor Sanguino S2B has artist of the week for his very interesting collage  of tigers. Congratulations, Néstor 







Artist of the week is for Olga Hernandez from S1B for her excellent artist study based on Andy Warhol. Congratulations, Olga.


Artist of the week has been awarded to María Hernandez of S2B for her lovely title page. Keep up the good work María. 

miguel_-_copiaArtist of the week for his lovely modern day design of a totem pole goes to Miguel Gordo of P6C, well done and we look forward to the finished 3D design.  



mengxing_-_copiaP6 students will be studying native American art this term and artist of the week is given to Mengxing Zhao of P6D for her lovely collage of all different types of totem poles.  Well done Mengxing.

raquelp6d_-_150Artist of the week is for Raquel Artiles of P6D for her lovely title page about Native American Art, well done Raquel.



CIMG1200_-_copiaThe 2012 Art evening was attended by many proud parents of students from > the secondary school at Canterbury. Much of the work was on display and  the  upper school work was also presented. Thanks to all who attended to make  this a very special evening. 


laura3_-_150S4 art students have recently completed their 8 hour IGCSE exam with some excellent results. All work will be shown at the art evening on Thursday May 3rd. Here are just some examples.






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