English-British-International-School-Las Palmas-Maspalomas CIMG3159 - copiaS3 art students went out to do some on the spot drawing. They are focusing on natural forms for their IGCSE coursework so many are looking at landscapes, leaves , trees, shells and insects. Well done to all S3 students who are working well.

British-English-International-School-Las Palmas-Maspalomas Art gemma rodriguez - copiaArtist of the week is Gema Rodríguez of S2D for her lovely term 1 title page. Well done Gema.

British-English-International-School-Las Palmas-Maspalomas Art Sara - copiaArtist of the week for her lovely title page is Sara Morón from P6B. Good work Sara and keep it up.

British-English-International-School-Las Palmas-Maspalomas Tourism Day - copiaHelp us celebrate world tourism day on September 27th! Learn about how the tourism industry is working to create sustainable destinations and minimize its impact on cultures and the environment. And partake in our photo contest by bringing in a picture of you on holiday in or near the water.

British-English-International-School-Las Palmas-Maspalomas maria ramirez - copiaArtist of the week for her excellent buildings drawing is for María Ramírez of P6D. P6 have started off the year doing some lovely folders and are now doing their title pages. I hope to see some good work next week so keep it up P6.

Las Palmas English School art01The first artist of the week of the new school year is for Xin Jin of P6D for his lovely sketch. Keep up the good work and well done.


mentoring04 - copiaAs part of the S5 end of year programme of events organised by the sixth form department, the students in S5 completed a two week period mentoring our most junior students in P6, S1 and S2.

omar - copiaThe last artist of the week of the school year has been awarded to Omar Ojeda of P6B for his lovely artist study of Kandinsky. Well done Omar and keep up the good work in S1.

esteban suarez - copiaArtist of the week is for Esteban Suárez of S1B for his lovely title page based on fruit and vegetables. Well done Esteban..

i nsw 72 1770 poster - copia

All aboard is a light-hearted musical based on the voyages of Captain James Cook. The story covers Cook’s visits to the Arctic, Antarctic, America, Australia, Tahiti and finally Hawaii. Join Cook on board HMS Endeavour. See him meet kangaroos, penguins, polar bears and the natives. Revel in the songs and dances of the ship’s crew and enjoy the sauerkraut! “All Aboard” sets sail from the Chaucer Theatre in Canterbury School sometime on Thursay 23rd May at 19:30. Don’t miss the voyage of a lifetime!

patri - copiaArtist of the week is for Patricia Bautista of S2B for her lovely view through the window.


CIMG2449 - copiaThursday 9th May we celebrated the achievements of the Canterbury School art students with a very well attended art evening. Many students and parents enjoyed the display of the art work and a presentation of the examination work. Thanks to all who attended and hope to see you again next year.

artevening - 100All welcome to come to the Canterbury School art evening on Thursday 9th May at 7.30pm, where lower school work will be on display and there will be a PowerPoint presentation of the S4 and S5 examination work. Well done to Dara Macías of S1A for the winning poster to advertise the exhibtion.

jiaqui - copia

First artist of the week for her lovely building painting is for Jiaqui Qiu Zhu of S1A.


foto02 - copiaMarine Biologist Pilar Garcia introduces budding S2 scientists to the world of plant hormones and shows them how to extract chlorophyll as they do at university.      

elena santana - copia

The last artist of the week of the 2nd term has been given to Elena Santana of S1C for her lovely colorful building drawings. We all look forward to next term´s art work.

andycuellar - copiaAndres Cuellar of S2A has done 2 excellent landscape paintings this week and so has managed to beat of strong competition for artist of the week.  Well done Andy.


marH - copia

María Hernandez of S2B has won artist of the week for her lovely landscape painting showing perspective, well done María and also well done to the many students this week in S2 who have produced some excellent landscape paintings.


Artist of the week for his lovely collage "Looking through a window" is for Alejandro Moreno of S2C.

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