San Lorenzo (Secondary)

Dear parents, 
We are organising different trips for the 27th, 28th and 29th June.  If you would like your child take part in any of these activities, please fill in the note below and hand it into the school office before WEDNESDAY 15TH JUNE 2011 TOGETHER WITH THE COST OF THE TRIP so that the entrance tickets can be reserved. NO  LATE RESERVATIONS CAN BE ACCEPTED

Attached you will find the itinerary for this trip. May we remind you there is a meeting this Thursday 19 May 4.15 pm in the school theatre with the parents of students interested in taking part in this trip.

Los alumnos de IGCSE de Arte completaron su examen de 8 horas la semana pasada. Todos los alumnos trabajaron mucho y lo producido con títulos como "Congelado en el tiempo" o "Decadencia urbana" fue de gran calidad. Enhorabuena a todos los alumnos de S4 involucrados y mantenemos los dedos cruzados en espera de buenas calificaciones.


Congratulations to all sixteen members of S6c who successfully completed their two day one night expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award last weekend. Despite facing certain difficulties along the way, it was
particularly pleasing to witness the determination and team spirit which enabled them to reach their goal. When the going got tough, S6c got going!

We would also like to congratulate the dedicated members of staff for their time and efforts over the weekend.

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