On the completion of Year 6, the children move into the adjacent Secondary Building in Lomo Diviso which is a purpose built construction inaugurated in September 1992. On this site there are over 11.000 metres of school ground with plenty of space for basketball, football and volley ball. In the building there are two computer rooms, three laboratories, kitchen and dining hall, music room, art room and library. Both Primary and Secondary have the use of the theatre and gymnasium which is located between the two buildings. On a plot of 20.000 metres next to the present Secondary section, the erection of a separate Six Form building, Basketball Pavilion and Large Hall is well under way and expected to be finished for the September 2012 school year.

From Year 7 (P6) to Year 11 (S4) there are four groups for each year as pupils from the Primary School in Maspalomas join us for their Secondary schooling. From Year 7 (P6) to Year (S2), all pupils follow the guidelines of the UK National Curriculum as well as studying Spanish Language and culture. In Year 10 however pupils may choose certain options which they prepare for IGCSE examinations taken at the end of Year 11 as well as carrying on with obligatory subjects.

The Lower School, Years, 7,8 and 9 (P5, S1, S2) learn best when they are motivated and to encourage them we have a system of stars and house points. Each child is assigned a house colour and throughout the year there are many opportunities to gain points for their team eg. for effort, good work, behaviour etc. We also celebrate children’s work and effort in our weekly assemblies through certificates and awards.

In Upper School, Years 10 and 11(S3,S4) pupils need to be given as many opportunities as possible to reach their true potential in preparation for the important IGCSE exams they are to sit at the end of S4. We have introduced the A Team concept which is another way of recognizing and valuing on a larger scale, not just academic excellence ( not everybody can get 9s and 10s) but noticeable progress and/or noticeable effort across a whole term. At the end of every term, S3 and S4 teachers fill in a nomination list for their subjects and when the students have received the required number of nominations they will be on the A Team the following term. They are seen as role models,  given privileges every now and then and valued not just by the school staff but also by their own peers whom, we hope, will want to push themselves harder to eventually join the A team themselves at a later stage.

Once students are in the Sixth Form, Years 12 and 13 (S5, S6), they are encouraged to take responsibility upon themselves for their own learning, social and personal development. In preparation for University studies, our Sixth Form is geared to be academically rigorous and engaging. All students receive guidance and information regarding their future careers both from our own Sixth Form staff and visiting lecturers. Those who intend to study Higher Education courses in the U.K. have the opportunity to visit Universities there via a school-organised programme at the end of Year 12.

Since the inauguration of our theatre, music, art and drama frequently come together in school productions. Our Lower and Senior Choirs, musical groups and actors perform concerts, plays and musicals which are thoroughly enjoyed by pupils, parents and staff and provide some of the highlights of the school year.