Sunday, 04 September 2011 11:30

Certificates S6 pupils (Título de Bachiller)

Pupils who finished S6 last June can now collect their certificates of “Título de Bachiller”. Those pupils who have done “Selectividad”, must sent a certified copy to UNED in Madrid as soon as possible, so the “Tarjeta de Selectividad” is valid. A photocopy of the “Título de Bachiller” can be certify at the UNED in Las Palmas free of charge. 

The certificates will only be handed out to the pupils or their parents. If you wish someone to collect it on your behalf, you will need to hand a written authorization together with a photocopy of the ID cards. An authorization form can be found on the web, Formularios y Solicitudes.


The original certificates of the Statements of Results received in August 2011 can be collected in November.