The Infant department where the children spend the first school years of their schooling is currently located in the middle of a quiet, residential area in the heart of Las Palmas in two light and spacious buildings with modern and well resourced classrooms. Although we are in town, we have adequate playground space and are fortunate to have an outside classroom area too. Our children eat a well balanced lunch prepared in the Primary kitchen in San Lorenzo.

In the early stages, we consider it essential that the children speak and understand the language before they are taught to read and write. At two years of age we have our "Teddies" playgroup (K0) with a bi-lingual teacher-in-charge and one or two bi-lingual assistants, depending on the number of pupils. When they are three we have a four or five stream entry of a maximum fifteen pupils (K1) and at four years of age we have three or four classes of a maximum of twenty pupils (K2). At the end of these first three years the classes are reorganized to make three groups of the general school maximum of twenty-five (K3). Our K0, K1 and K2 pupils follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage which is adapted to suit our Spanish speaking pupils. Our K3 pupils follow the British National Curriculum which they will continue in our Primary Department. Both Infant and Primary departments work closely together and liaise frequently.

We place a strong emphasis on teaching English to enable our pupils to understand and speak English from a very early age. To assist us in this overall aim we have a bi-lingual Special Needs teacher and some bi-lingual classroom assistants.

Our school ethos is one of nurturing all our pupils to ensure they are happy as a happy child is a child who will learn and whom we can help grow and develop into an inquisitive and active learner. One of the many ways in which we try to do this is through constant positive reinforcement: we praise them throughout the day for good behavior, good work, trying their best, being kind to others, etc. Throughout the year all our children participate in various class assemblies when pupils receive special awards and certificates and which their parents are invited to watch. To enhance our parent liaison we also hold other celebrations such us Christmas and Summer. All pupils have the opportunity to accompany their class or year group on a termly excursion linked to what they are being taught in class. We always encourage parent participation in the above events and we are also happy to encourage family members to come along to help us in the classroom with art work or even to read a story!

When our children leave us to continue their progression in their educational adventure we hope that they are happy, confident individuals who have acquired a curiosity and a thirst to develop their potential as a bi-lingual learner.


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