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S2 End of year trip

S2_Viaje_de_fin_de_cursoDear parents of S2 students 

The school would like to organise a visit to Chester (England) from June 16th to June 23rd for S2 students. During this trip students will be staying with a British family (2 students per family) in order to practise their English and cultural visits will be organised by British monitors and the teachers during the day.

At the moment, we need to know how many students would be interested in taking part into the trip. Until we have a definite number, the price will be approximately 900 Euros per child. The itinerary will be on the school website in the next few days. Please fill in the reply slip and return it to Mrs Magali Bamber before November 12th


Yours Sincerely

Pedro Tomás. Headteacher

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