Friday, 01 July 2011 13:11

September Sixth Form Induction.

To prospective S5 students and parents. It is hoped that your son/daughter will successfully enter the Sixth Form (S5) at Canterbury School next academic year (September 2011). Sixth Form education is beyond compulsory education and is principally in place to assist your son/daughter to gain accession into Higher Education establishments; albeit a University or a vocational training institution.

All students in S5 will begin Advanced Subsidiary (AS-Level) courses. These are high-level, demanding, academic qualifications that require a different approach to study from traditional IGCSEs. Students will be required to conduct private and independent study and become critically analytical in their academic work. Students will also be required to demonstrate considerable amounts of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation in order to achieve at this level. 

As part of Canterbury School’s commitment to smooth the transition from IGCSE to AS-Level study, and to enhance the possibilities and opportunities available to your son/daughter, we have developed a Sixth Form induction programme. The induction programme will take place immediately after school from 1600hrs Friday 9th September until 1200hrs Saturday 10th September.  

The induction weekend will cost 20€ per student and will include all activities, meals and accommodation (a sleeping bag will be required!). We strongly recommend that all S5 students attend this event

Further information will be provided for parents at the beginning of September. However, we kindly ask that your son/daughter adds the above information to their diary now, so that full attendance can be assured.




David O’Kane                                                                                          Pedro Tomas

UCAS Coordinator                                                                                  Director