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Bienvenida_al_nuevo_curso_-_Dpto._de_PrimariaDear Parents,

Welcome back after the holidays. We hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable time. In this letter we would like to remind you about a few matters related to school life.  Firstly, any questions you have in relation to your child’s education be it academic, social or emotional should initially be directed to the class teacher. If they are unable to resolve the issue it will be passed on to me. 


Miss Lindsay would like to say 'congratulations' to all of the children who received a Headteachers Award this year.


Recaudacion_dia_de_canarias_-_150We had a wonderful day celebrating Canary Day. The different stalls and activities went very well and the dances were great! We also sang some Canarian songs to finish off the morning. Thank you to ALL the teachers for their hard work to make the day a success and to ALL parents who came along and helped or supported us on the day. The amount collected (562.87 €) has been donated to Obra Social San Benito.

Recaudacion_San_Juan_de_DiosCongratulations and thank you to all the children who remembered to bring money in on the last day of Term 2 for wearing street clothes. We managed to raise 253,60 Euros which has been donated to San Juan de Díos.

Primaria_Calendario_Tercer_TrimestreDear parents,

These are the relevant dates to take into account for the rest of the term in the Primary Department:

Monday 07/05/2012: P.E. uniform every day

Tuesday 29/05/2012: Canary Day Celebration (further information below).




Congratulations to all of the children and the staff for working so hard on our show, Shrek,  this year.  The acting was great and the dances were fantastic! Well done to you all!


show-tv_11423P1 and P2 show has now been moved to Wednesday 28th March at the same time (11:00).

Please see further information below  below




Estimados padres, estas son algunas fechas a tener en cuenta hasta final de trimestre.

Monday 12/03/2012

  • Last day for appointments with Miss Estefanía.



Great costumes! Great music! What a wonderful day we had. The children and teachers looked fantastic and everyone had a good time. Carnival went with a bang!!



Congratulations to all the children who won a Head Teacher's Award last term. We had awards for six different areas such as speaking English, being a good classmate and having wonderful presentation. Let's see who wins an award this term. Remember we have now added some new categories so look at the wall outside the office to see what they are. Keep trying hard children!! 



Thank you to all the children who remembered to bring money in on the last day of term for wearing "street clothes". We managed to raise 171.50 Euros for an orphanage in Tanzania which Mr. Harvey is in touch with. We have attached a photo of some of the children your money will help. Thanks again everyone..




rn-casXin Jin, de 4ºB, quedó uno de los tres ganadores, dentro de su categoría, en el concurso de dibujo "La Noche de los Investigadores". Muchas gracias a todos los que participaron en el concurso por su trabajo y esfuerzo. ¡Enhorabuena Xin!

profesionsWell done to all those children who did the quizzes about the beach. Our new “BIG TALK” subject is jobs and professions. Please have a look at the talk English display by the lower playground. If any parents have professions or jobs that have not been included let me know. Once again Pet Points will be given to children who complete the puzzles from these pages. Thank you for trying hard to learn new vocabulary.

Proyecto_NavideoDear parents,

We have decided to repeat our home school Christmas project which is now so successful. This Christmas our theme is the Nativity Scene, a character or the whole scene. We invite parents to help their children to make the project which will be put on display in school and later be taken home.

Primaria_Christmas_CalendarDear Parents,

Once again Christmas is nearly upon us. This is such a busy time of the year that I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the dates of interest


Dear parents, as you all know, P3 pupils organized a cake stall on 28th October and 2nd November in order to raise money for the crisis in Africa. We are very pleased to inform you that the amount collected was 781.50€ and has now been deposited in the Cruz Roja’s account. We would like to thank all the P3 children and their parents for helping to organize the cake stall and the rest of children for buying the products.


Entre las tareas más comunes que hay que hacer en Primaria están, como sabes, las siguientes:

Leer. Se trata de leer comprendiendo lo que se lee. Para controlar si se sabe hacer esto, los profesores solemos hacer varias clases de preguntas: unas, referidas a palabras y detalles concretos del texto; otras, referidas al texto en su conjunto. También podemos pedirte que hagas un resumen, o que digas lo mismo con otras palabras.

school_uniformDear parents, from now on pupils should come in their winter uniform every day and bring the P.E. uniform in a bag on the days they have P. E. so they can get changed. Please see the P. E. timetable on the school web site.

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