P4_MASP_ASSEMBLY_-_150P4 did an assembly called “Greed or No Greed”.  It was aimed at raising other people awareness of children in need all over the world, including our own country and how lucky we are for what we have. As part of the assembly, P4 decided to do a cake sale to raise money for a children charity;” Nuevo Futuro”. We raised 200 euros for the charity and would like to thank the parents for their great cake contributions.

Assemblies_maspalomasDear parents, 

Our assembly format has changed this year. Each class will perform a class assembly once a year. We extend a warm invitation to you to come and watch your son/daughter´s performance. The assemblies will be on Thursdays afternoons at 2.00 on the small playground. You will be notified the week before prior the assembly.

Dear parents,

We would like to inform you that on Friday 21st  October the children will have their school photo. The photographers will be at school in the morning and will take a photograph of every child individually and by class. Therefore we would like the children to come to school in winter uniform ONLY on this day, (green polo-shirt and the skirt/grey trousers).

ucmasEstimados Padres:

El Colegio Canterbury de Maspalomas en colaboración con  el método UCMAS les ofrece una novedosa actividad extraescolar con el uso de la metodología del ábaco para estimular la práctica de la aritmética entre los más jóvenes.El programa UCMAS es una representación moderna del arte ancestral de la aritmética mental.

Dear parents,

We would like to inform you that the afterschool choir will start Tuesday 4th October (15.40/16.40). The charge of the activity will be taken from your account in the months of November, February and May. If you wish to cancel please inform us in writing before the end of the first term, otherwise you will incur the termly charges.

bienvenidos_maspalomasDear parents,

Welcome back! Firstly, I would like to thank you for the confidence that you have placed in our school and for your continued support. I would also like to welcome those parents and children who are new to the school this year, and extend a warm welcome to our new teacher Miss Emma who will be substituting Miss Kelly’s maternity leave.

Dear parents,
The P1 DANCE CLUB will be performing a show on Thursday 23rd June at 9.00 am.

Estimados padres,
El segundo trimestre llevaremos un sistema diferente para la tarde de notas.El lunes 4 de abril, entregaremos las notas a todos los alumnos en un sobre cerrado. El martes 5 de abril, citaremos entre las 15.30 y las 16.30, solamente a aquellos padres que consideremos necesario. No obstante, si usted NO ha recibido cita pero aún así desea hablar con el/la profesor/a de su hijo/a, podrá hacerlo entre las 16.30 y las 17.00 del martes 5 de abril. Las clases finalizarán el viernes 8 de abril a las 15.30 y se reanudarán el lunes 25 de abril a las 08.30.


Paula Hill
Directora del departamento de Maspalomas

Dear Parents,

We invite you to attend a meeting held by a health visitor who will advice us about the different methods of preventing the spread of headlice in schools.

The meeting will be held on Friday 11th March, in the school dining hall, at 15.45 hours. (It will last about 1 hour.)

We hope to see everyone


Paula Hill

Head Teacher Canterbury School Maspalomas


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