Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-dia de canariasDear Parents, this year, as our end of the school year performance, we wish to extend to you an invitation to participate in our "Grand Canary Day Celebration." As part of this celebration, the children will show their knowledge of Canarian Traditions through exhibitions, dances and songs. We hope you will all join in with us for this fun filled morning Thursday 29th May from 9:00am. – 12:00pm.

British-English-International-School-Las Palmas-Maspalomas PiscinaDear Parents, we would like to inform you that swimming lessons will begin:


Please ensure your child brings a towel, swimsuit, arm bands, sun lotion and beach sandals.


school uniformDear Parents: We would like to inform you that starting on Monday 21st April the children may come to school in their P.E clothes every day.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-LasPalmas-Calendario segundo trimestre 2014MONDAY 31ST MARCH: We would like to invite the P1+P2 parents to collect the reports from 2:00pm. to 4:00pm. You will receive a letter with the appointment time. Miss Fefi will be available from 2:00pm. in the staff room, to discuss the Spanish Reports.

International-English-British-School-Maspalomas-P1010202 - copiaWhat a fantastic Sport's Day we had on Wednesday. This was the first time in years that all of the different age groups were joined in 9 teams. The older children helped the younger ones to enjoy the many activities the teachers had planned. Everyone received a certificate for participating. The team that scored the most points received First Place Reward Certificate! A great way to start our Carnival Holiday!

International-English-British-School-Maspalomas-P1010238 - copiaLast week we celebrated Carnival at school. The children and teachers loved dressing up and walking down our red carpet. We practised the dance "The lion sleeps tonight" and at home time performed a quick dance for all our parents to watch and enjoy. Hope you have a great Carnival!

English-British-Internacional-School-Maspalomas-K3 assembly - copiaK3 prepared a fantastic assembly last Thursday. The animals had so much fun dancing in the jungle! The adventure came to an end when the Magic Key glowed. Well done K3!

Internacional-English-British-School-Maspalomas- P4 AssemblyDear Parents, K2´s assembly will be held at 2:30pm. on Thursday 6th March in the small playground. Please, come to watch your son/daughter´s performance. I´m sure you will enjoy it! We hope to see you.

English-British-Internacional-School-Carnaval 2014 MaspalomasDear Parents: We would like to inform you that our Carnival holidays have been confirmed for Thursday 13th and Friday 14th March. The Carnival school party is Tuesday 11th March.

International-English-British-School-Las Maspalomas-DSC09203 - copiaOn Friday, the children from the Red Group enjoyed a morning play in the park as a reward for their super effort the first term. There were 24 children in this group who took their snacks to the Parque Sur where they ate breakfast, played football and were able to have fun on the park playground equipment. Well done and keep on working.


Colegio-Internacional-Ingles-Britanico-Maspalomas-Thank You 00Charity Starts at Home. We wish to thank you for your generous contributions. We collected a lot of food for those in need. The money we received for Mufti Day will be used to purchase food. 

Colegio-Internacional-Ingles-Britanico-Maspalomas-Santa 00What a wonderful surprise visit from Santa. Since he came to see us, each was able to give him the wish list. He promised to try and get the elves to make their presents in time for Christmas!

Colegio-Internacional-Ingles-Britanico-Maspalomas-Dia de Navidad 00Activity Day- Maspalomas. What a fun day we had!. The Infant groups enjoyed making stocking, wreaths, trees and snow domes. The older children were able to work on 5 activities: snowmen, pin the tail on the donkey, book marks, snowflakes and Santa boxes. As usual our super generous parents provided us with a banquet fit for "Kings!". A wonderful day!

Colegio-Internacional-Ingles-Britanico-Maspalomas-yolihuani 00Canterbury School Maspalomas in colaboration with Yolihuani would like to thank you for your generous donations. Well done to the very kind P5 children who offered to distribute bags of CDs! They collected 58€ for the Guatemala group "Yolihuani" to purchase another water pump! What a triumph!. Thank you!

Colegio-Internacional-Ingles-Britanico-Maspalomas-Show de Navidad 00Canterbury School Maspalomas celebrated Christmas in the Centro de Mayores. The infants brought to life the nativity scene by performing the play, "Born in a Barn." It was amazing how well they did especially considering how very young they are. The Junior children enjoyed acting out a story about the very VAIN Elf, Elvis. It impressed on all of us the importance of GIVING and CARING for one another. Well done to all the actors and actresses!!!

Colegio-Internacional-Ingles-Britanico-Maspalomas-Show de NavidadEstimados padres: Con el fin de comenzar nuestra actuación a las 9:00h. les rogamos que mañana 18/12/2013 día del show de navidad, lleven a los niños directamente al centro socio-cultural de mayores (San Fernando) a las 8:30h. Disculpen las molestias. Muchas gracias por su colaboracion.

English-British-International-School-Maspalomas-P2 Assembly 000P2 enjoyed preparing the Canterbury Circus. You could watch all the daring tight rope walkers, hungry lions and their tamer, jugglers, acrobats, strongmen, the elephant tamer and his amazing elephants and our two wonderful Ring Masters. Last but not least you could laugh along with all of P2 boys who changed into very funny clowns ...NATURALLY!

English-British-International-School-Maspalomas -Sports Day 00What a fantastic Sports Day! K1/2/3 and P1 had a lot of fun doing these activities: long jump, obstacle course, spoon races and circle games. P2/3/4 and P5 enjoyed playing cricket, basketball, water games and racing through a Christmas assault course.

Calendario Diciembre MaspalomasDecember programme:

Sports Day. Today the children should come dressed in P.E. uniform.

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