Friday, 11 December 2020 19:51

Canterbury Student Union

Dear parents: we write to announce the launch of a Student Union for the Secondary Department in Canterbury School.



The purpose of the Union is to cater for the needs and demands of the students at Canterbury through fund-raising activities, events and the establishment of a Union Shop in school. This will be a non-profit making organisation as all of the money raised through the various activities run by the students will be used to acquire items and/or services which will benefit the whole of the community and which will have been previously approved by a Student Union Committee. The members of this committee will be elected by the whole of the student body.

The Student Union will be run by middle school students (Y10 & Y11) and senior students (Y12 & Y13) and will be composed of separate departments: The Student Union Management Team (SUMT) and department teams. Students willing to collaborate with the Student Union will benefit from it by developing transferrable skills such as: teamwork, time-management, innovative thinking, etc. Valuable insight into activities such as money management, IT operations or stock control will be acquired. It is a great opportunity for students to develop these basic life skills while at school, giving them a better feel of what future jobs will require. This new practical experience will give a sense of responsibility to students motivating and engaging them more into the current system.

Here are some of the main benefits the Union will have for students, staff and parents:
● Provide an insight into what students like and dislike about the current system, for future development.
● Give a voice to students and make them feel part of the decision-making process of the school.
●Provide students with the opportunity to manage "an organisation", and acquire the skills needed for successful management.
● Develop skills required for professional environments.
● Create stronger bonds between students and develop a better sense of community.
● Improve money management.
● Introduce a framework to put proposals forward on behalf of the student body.
● It is for the benefit of the community and is advantageous for everyone, it will motivate students and engage them more.

This student body is the next step to further develop the already existing VI Form Management Team into a fully recognised Student Union, with a deeper sense of unity and inclusiveness intended to improve the school experience, while foster the skills of students.

We hope you support this initiative and recognise the potential it has to improve the school community. Any doubts or queries you may have regarding the Canterbury Student Union can be answered by the Student Union Management Team.

Yours sincerely,

Bruno Díaz Miranda (Head boy)
Nuria Díaz Jiménez (Head girl)
Alejandro Díaz Tamayo (Deputy Head boy)
Isabel García Martín (Deputy Head girl)
Student Union Management Team

Kind regards,

David O'Kane (Head of VI Form)
Pedro Tomas (Director)




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