Tuesday, 23 April 2019 10:12

Willy Wonka Musical

Willy Wonka MusicalWilly Wonka, owner of a magical and mysterious chocolate factory, invites the audience to join him in a world of "pure imagination".


Although Wonka excels at making candy, he is ready to retire and find some"bright spark" to continue his candy confectioning. Who will he choose?

Come and see our performance of Willy Wonka Jr. on Thursday 25 April 6.30 pm in our The Chaucer Theatre and you will discover what happens!

The students and staff have been working extremely hard on the production since September and would greatly appreciate your support. Tickets can be bought in school by your child (in Miss Esther's classroom) or on the night of the performance itself but we recommend you buy them before hand to avoid disappointment!

We look forward to seeing you there!

50% of the proceeds with go to charity and the other 50% will help cover the cost of materials for the show.


Willy Wonka Musical