Monday, 03 September 2018 19:21

S5 Induction Weekend

s5inductionAll S5 students are strongly encouraged to attend the VI Form Induction Weekend, which will take place at our school in Maspalomas.

VI form education is beyond compulsory education and is principally in place to assist our students to gain accession into Higher Education establishments; albeit a University or a vocational training institution.

All students in S5 will begin Advanced Subsidiary (AS-Level) courses. These are high-level, demanding, academic qualifications and require a different approach to study from traditional IGCSEs. Students will be required to conduct private and independent study and become critically analytical in their academic work. Students will also be required to demonstrate considerable amounts of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation in order to achieve at this level.

As part of Canterbury School's commitment to facilitate the transition from IGCSE to AS-Level study, and to enhance the possibilities and opportunities available to our students, we run a VI Form Induction Programme. The programme takes place during the second weekend back after the summer holidays (Friday 14th and Saturday 15th September).

The Induction Programme is planned and coordinated by Mr David O'Kane (Head of VI Form Studies). All the VI form tutors are involved, as well as several other members of staff and the Director of Studies.