Wednesday, 15 November 2017 14:20

Sweet Christmas

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-dulcenavidadAgain this year the Food Bank of Las Palmas launches the campaign "Sweet Christmas", which aims to achieve the goal reflected in the slogan: "With your help, let us all have a sweet Christmas."

Therefore, we ask for the help of all the students and their families, to make a collection of Christmas products on the 15th of December, to be distributed by the Food Bank amongst those in need.

We believe it is an opportunity for children and young people to develop a spirit of solidarity.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration!


Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-dulcenavidad