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Infant Newsletter

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las_Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-circularDear Parents: welcome back to the Summer Term at Milton House, we hope you all enjoyed a pleasant Easter Holiday.



At the moment we have some students with us on teaching practice, Miss Brigitte in Pre-Nursery, Miss Carla in Nursery, Miss Yraya in Reception and Mr Daniel in Year 1. They are helping out in the classes and at playtimes and the children are enjoying working with them! They will be with us until early June. Also this term we will be welcoming some of the older Secondary students who are coming to do some work experience in the Infant classes, as they do each year.

This week we have been celebrating "Book Week" in school and doing lots of activities related to books and stories. If any parent would like to come in to school over the next few weeks and bring a children's story to read to their child's class (in English or Spanish) at the end of the day, please speak to your child's teacher. The children love hearing different people reading to them and we want the children to grow up with a love of books and stories so we would greatly appreciate this!

This term is quite short but lots of things are going on so we would like to inform you of the following important dates for this term:

As the weather is now getting warmer, Year 1 children may come to school in their summer uniform (school shorts, PE t-shirt and white trainers) each day from Monday 29th April.

Pre-Nursery - La Huerta - 06/05/2019
Nursery - Crocodile Park - 10/05/2019
Reception - Tío Isidro Farm - 15/05/2019
Y1A - CAAM - 07/05/2019
Y1B - CAAM - 08/05/2019
Y1C - CAAM - 09/05/2019

On the day of your child's class assembly families are invited to join us in the dining room at 9 a.m. to watch the assembly.
Friday at 9am - Pre-Nursery - 21/06/19

On Friday 31st May, as we will be celebrating Canary Day, all the children can come to school dressed in typical Canarian costumes.
We would like to have some workshops or demonstrations for the children to learn about their Canarian heritage on our Canary Day in school. This will be a day just for the children, but if any parents have any skills such as traditional Canarian dancing, playing the timple or other typical instruments (or know of a folklore group which may like to come and play for the children), Lucha Canaria or any other traditional activity which you think that the children might enjoy seeing or taking part in, please speak to me!

NO SCHOOL - BANK HOLIDAYS: Wednesday 01/05/19 (Worker's Day Bank Holiday), Thursday 30/05/2019 (Canary Day Bank Holiday) and Monday 25/06/2018 (San Juan Bank Holiday).

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 will be putting on a summer show in the Chaucer Theatre in San Lorenzo.
ALL THE CHILDREN will do two performances:
10:30 Wednesday 12th June for parents of children in Nursery & Reception A
10:30 Thursday 13th June for parents of children in Reception B & C and Year 1
The children will do a dress rehearsal on Monday 10th of June for the children in Primary to watch. More information soon!

We will be having parent/teacher meetings about reports during the week of 17th June. Parents will receive a letter before hand with the time and day of the appointment.
Reports will be sent home in an envelope on Wednesday 26th June.

Thursday 20th June
All three Year 1 classes will be leaving school around 9:00 and coming back around 14:00, after having their lunch in the Primary School dining room. They will spend time in their new classrooms and get to know the English and Spanish teachers they will be having when they start in Year 2 in September.

On Wednesday 26th June at 10:00 am, we will have our Leavers' Assembly for our Year 1 children.
All Year 1 parents and family are invited to attend.
Y1 children must wear their full uniform on this day.

Thursday 27th June - last day of school for all pupils.
The children can come to school in their own clothes. Please bring a bag of crisps to share in class, this would be very much appreciated.

From 1st- 26th July, the Infant Department is holding its annual summer school, with classes in English (native teachers), sports, games, workshops, crafts, etc. See website for more information. To register, ask in the office.

Yours sincerely,

Pam Ainsworth - Headteacher


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