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Infant Daily Routines

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las_Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-rutinasWe would like to extend a warm welcome to all parents both new and old to our new school year and to Milton House. We are very proud to inaugurate our new school building and hope the children will be very happy here with us.


Things around the school are still being finished off and please be assured the safety of your children is our main concern. The children are beginning to settle in well and we just want to inform you of some of our daily routines in Milton House.

Early bird club is available from 7:15 in the Pre-Nursery (K0) classroom at a cost of 20€ per month.

The side gate opens at 8:00 for everyone. We ask parents to say goodbye to children at the gate so as to ensure the safety of all our pupils. Staff will be in the street to take children out of cars so that parents do not need to find a parking spot in this difficult area. Children are then taken to the play areas by staff and supervised, as they are at all playtimes, until classes start at 8:30.

In the afternoon children who are leaving at the first bell (14:45) will be collected from class and brought to the gate to go on the buses or with parents at this time. We ask parent to inform Marisol in the office by email if their child is being collected at this time. We also ask parents not to buzz the door before this time to collect children, unless you have informed the office that you will be collecting your child early for a specific reason (medical appointments etc ).

The rest of the children will come down with their teachers and wait in the play area near the gate, which will be opened at 15:15 for Pre-Nursery and Nursery parents (K0 and K1) to collect their children. Reception (K2) children will come down at 15:25 to the play area and Year 1 (K3) children will wait in front of the main building and then parents may come into the area in front of the gate collect them. Reception (K2) and Year 1 (K3) parents may collect children from 15:25. Staff near the gate will call your child when you arrive, so unless you wish to chat to the teacher, they will be brought to you. In the afternoon the play area (climbing frame / slide) is not able to be used for safety reasons.

We ask parents not to linger in the gate and entrance areas either in the morning or in the afternoon as this makes it very difficult to safely supervise the entry and exit of children.

We hope that this ensures the safety of all the children at the start and end of the day and the ease of dropping off and collecting your child. If you wish to speak to your child's teacher you are of course welcome to speak to them at the end of the day or phone the office to make a specific appointment.


Miss Pam



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