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Maspalomas Welcome

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las_Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-welcomemaspalomasDear parents: Welcome back! Firstly, I would like to thank you for the confidence that you have placed in our school and for your continued support. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our new children, parents


Helpful information for the new school year: This year the Canterbury School has introduced the Bristish Classification system for classes.

Our teachers will be working in the following classes:

• Miss Kelly - K1 (Nursery)
• Miss Katy - K2 (Reception)
• Miss Kirsty - K3 (Y1)
• Miss Claire - P1 (Y2)
• Miss Sam - P2 (Y3)
• Miss Amy - P3 (Y4)
• Miss Paula - P4 (Y5)
• Miss Carla - P5 (Y6)
• Miss Fefi - Profesora de español
• Miss Lucy - TEFL

Office hours are Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00. (Lunch 14:00-14:30)
Payment of school fees and changes of contact details (telephone number, address) should be dealt with through the school secretary. You can also obtain all the relevant information concerning the academic year on our website www.canterburyschool.com regarding:
• fees, school uniform, books, calendar dates
• Trip letters, menus, letters for important events and festivals

Transport: Any queries relating to the transport service (routes, fees, times etc) should be directed to the Amanda Bus Company. Telephone: 928.22.48.38.

Letters: All letters will displayed on the school notice board and on the website. Please remember to visit the Maspalomas class blogs to find out about topics, homework and what's happening in your child's class!

Appointments: If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please contact the school office to arrange a time . Should you need to take your child out during school hours, consult the secretary, who will collect your child from class.

Parents should not interrupt classes during the day.

The main school gate will be open at 08:00 and will close promptly at 8:45 . At the end of the school day, the gate will be open from 15:15 and close again at 16:00. We request that parents collect their children directly from the play ground and respect the bus zone in the parking lot.

The school day is from 8:30-15:30. I would like to emphasise the importance of punctuality. Arriving late not only interrupts the routine of the class, but it can also have a negative effect on your child's education.

The school day begins at 8:30
K2-P5 children to must be in their class line by 8:25.
K1 children may play on the infant playground from 8:15am Until further notice. Please say your goodbyes at the gate and place your child's bag on their peg in class.

The school day ends at 15:30
K2-P5 will be asked to sit quietly with the teacher on duty under the canopy in the shade, until they are collected.
K1 pupils should be collected from the infant playground until further notice.
A teacher will be on duty each day until 16:00 If your child is going home with another adult, please inform the school secretary in advance.

Snacks. During break time, your child may bring a healthy snack/drink to enjoy. (eg actimel, sandwich, fruit.) For the safety of all children in school. NUTs are not permitted.

Playtime: The Children may bring books (colouring/reading) and table top games to play with. Each class will have a 'soft ball day' to enjoy a team game. Please remember to bring a cap and apply plenty of sunscreen in the morning.

Toy Day is FRIDAY. Please do not bring expensive toys (toy weapons and mobile phones are not permitted).

Uniform: All clothes should be labelled or marked with your child's full name.
All Children should come dressed in their P.E. uniform until further notice. (K1/K2 children will wear their P.E. Uniform all year). Please see Tindaya if you wish to purchase anything new.
- School winter uniform
K3-P5 children should have the following school uniforms with their names clearly labelled:
• Skirt/grey trousers, green polo, navy cardigan/jumper, white socks and navy shoes.
- P.E and Summer uniform
• School t shirt, shorts, track suit, white sport socks and white trainers.

Spare Clothes: We would like to remind you that the children in K1 and K2 should always have a change of clothing in their bag also CLEARLY LABELLED.

School P.E schedule: On P.E days, the children should arrive dressed in their P.E uniform. The girls and boys in P4 /P5 can bring deodorants/wet wipes and will change in separate classroom
K1, K2, K3 y P1: Tuesday and Thursday
P2, P3, P4 y P5: Monday and Friday

School equipment : Children from P1-P5 should bring their own pencil cases/resources to school with them daily. This includes: pencils, coloured pencils, felt pens, pens, glue sticks, scissors, rulers, rubbers, sharpeners, whiteboard if possible.

ART: Please bring in a spiral art pad and an old shirt/t shirt to avoid uniforms from being stained.

Medicines: If your child needs to take medicine during school hours, please inform the secretary in writing of how and when the medicine should be administered. If your child has a medical appointment, please inform the office/class teacher before the day.

Birthdays: If you wish to BRING in a cake to celebrate your child's birthday in school, please provide plates, serviettes and spoons to help serve it out.

Headlice: Children may catch headlice due close contact whilst playing. I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents of the importance of checking your child's hair at least once a week and taking the necessary measures to eliminate any parasites found immediately. Please inform us promptly if you find any in your child's hair.

School clubs: A letter will follow shortly with more information about the start dates and prices.

Finally, we would like to wish you a very successful academic year. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.


Yours sincerely,

Paula Hill

Head teacher


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