Wednesday, 24 October 2018 21:43

Attendance and Punctuality

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las_Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-asistenciaDear parents of Canterbury students: we remind all parents that the school day starts at 8:30 am and all children need to be in school for this time.


Good punctuality is essential to ensuring your child gets the most out of their time at school. It is an important life skill that your child will need as they grow up. Pupils who come to school on time, having had breakfast, with the correct school equipment and their homework done are more likely to do well and feel confident and secure. When a pupil arrives late the teaching and learning in their class is interrupted and he/she misses the explanation of the work they need to do. Lateness affects their learning.

We would strongly ask you, even knowing the heavy morning traffic in many areas of Las Palmas,that every effort is made to ensure your child arrives to school at 8.25 am at the latest.

Please bear in mind that the school term reports show the number of absences, lates (justified and unjustified).

We take the opportunity to remind you that any absences need to be justified in writing (for your convenience, please find attached an Absence Justification Form).

Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Miss Pam Ainsworth (Head of Infants Milton)
Miss Paula Hill (Head of South School. Maspalomas)
Miss Lindsay Gale (Head of Primary San Lorenzo)
Mr Pedro Tomás (Head of Secondary San Lorenzo


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