Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Yiling Yang - copia

Artist of the week for his lovely shoe painting goes to Yiling Yang of P6B.

British-English-International-Private-School-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-pilar balader - copiaAll welcome to come to the Canterbury School art evening on Thursday 8th May at 7.30pm, where lower school work will be on display and there will be a PowerPoint presentation of the S4 and S5 examination work. Well done to Pilar Balader of S1A for the winning poster to advertise the exhibition.



British-English-International-Private-School-Las Palmas-Maspalomas jorge naranjp - copiaThe first artist of the week of this term has been awarded to Jorge Naranjo of P6D. His excellent grafitti was done using pen and pencil. This work and lots more will be available for parents to see in the Canterbury School art evening on Thursday 8th May at 7.30pm. We hope to see you there.


Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-LasPalmas-Sara Ojeda El Mundo Marca Canasta - Basket Lover - copiaCongratulations to Sara Ojeda Yanez whose poster has been selected to represent the school in the competition to design a poster for the Basketball World Cup (Gran Canaria Sede) All the children in 4º and 5º tried hard and there are some brilliant posters which you can see outside the dining room in the Primary Department.

International-English-British-School-Las Palmas - olga hernandez2 - copia

Artist of the week for her two excellent perspective drawings is for Olga Hernández of S2B.

International-English-British-School-Las Palmas-Sonia Tejedor - copiaAnother P6 student has won artist of the week. This week Sonia Tejedor of P6C has won it for her lovely artist study on Van Gogh, well done Sonia.


English-British-Internacional-School-Las Palmas-carmen del nero

Artist of the week for her excellent artist study on Marc Chagall is for Carmen Del Nero of S2A.

International-English-British-School-Las Palmas-mariag - copia

Artist of the week for her lovely title page is María González of P6A. Well done María.


International-English-British-School-Las Palmas-Teresa Murillo - copiaArtist of the week for her lovely title page, "Through the window", is for Teresa Murillo of S2D.


International-English-British-School-Las Palmas-P1010048 - copiaP6 artists have finished making a boomerang based on Aboriginal art. On a day when it wasn´t raining, they went out to test that they work. Well done to all P6 who managed to get their boomerangs to return to them!


British-English-International-School-Las Palmas-S2 Music Concert 2014 Poster - copiaThe S2 Music Concert 2014 will take place on Thursday February 20th at 18:00 in the Chaucer Theatre. It should last one hour and fifteen minutes. The students who perforn will be recorded and will receive a mark which will count as their second term music mark. (Students not included in the concert will perform during the next music lesson). The students have been working extremely hard since before Christmas. They and I hope that you will attend the concert to lend your valued support. We look forward to seeing you there.

International-English-British-School-Las Palmas-natalia gallego - copiaNatalia Gallego of S2D is the artist of the week for her lovely carnival face mask, well done.


Colegio-Internacional-Ingles-Britanico-Las Palmas-Victor Arroyo - copiaArtist of the week for his lovely animal mask goes to Víctor Arroyo of S2C.


Colegio-Internacional-Ingles-Britanico-Las Palmas-raquel - copiaThe first artist of the year in 2014 goes to Raquel Morales of S1A for her self portrait collage. Well done Raquel.

Colegio-Internacional-Ingles-Britanico-Las Palmas-Christmas tree 00

Here are just some of the amazing Christmas trees the children made for their Christmas decoration this year. Well done everybody. You've made the school look fantastic! Happy Christmas!

English-British-International-School-Las Palmas -Art Olga Hernandez - copia

Artist of the week is for Olga Hernández of S2B for her colorful animal paintings. Well done, Olga


Colegio-Ingles-Britanico-Internacional-Las Palmas-Arte-Alejandro Palacios - 00Artist of the week for his lovely artist study on Van Gogh is for Alejandro de Palacios McGrath of S1B. Well done Alejandro. Keep up the good work.


Colegio-Ingles-Britanico-Internacional-Las Palmas-Arte Lorena Caminero - copiaArtist of the week for her lovely, colorful insect drawings is for Lorena Caminero of P6D.


Colegio-Ingles-Britanico-Internacional-Las Palmas-Arte Pilar Balader - copia

Artist of the week for her excellent artist study on Van Gogh is for Pilar Balader of S1A.Good work Pilar.

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