Canterbury has a fully recognized British system of education. However pupils may move to Spanish schools at any time. On occasions this move is necessary if parents change their address and go to live in places where the type of education that Canterbury offers is unavailable.

At the present moment no validation is needed for children up to and including S3 (Year 9). Pupils up to S3 who have successfully completed a certain grade at Canterbury are automatically accepted in the following grade in Spanish schools. The studies of the older pupils must go through a validation process. This is undertaken by Canterbury at two different levels via the Canarian Autonomic Government and the Central Spanish Education Authorities. At the end of S4 (Year 10) the school validates the studies of the "Educacion Secundaria Obligatoria" corresponding to S1, S2 S3 and S4 (Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 N.C.) and the pupils are issued with the "Homologación de ESO". The following stage is the termination of S5 and S6 (years 11 and 12 N.C.) when pupils obtain confirmation that they have passed "Bachillerato" and are issued with the "Homologación de Bachillerato".

Until S3 validation is based on the grades the pupils achieve at school. Four IGCSE passes however are necessary at S4 and five at S5 or two subjects at "AS" level. To validate S6 the pupil must obtain two passes at "A" level or 1"A" level and two "AS" passes. They also have to obtain passes in the internal reports of the Spanish section. The pass grades for IGCSE exams are A, B, and C. At "AS" and "A" level these pass grades are A, B, C, D and E.

If validation is necessary at the end of S5 (Year 12), parents must do this personally via the "Alta Inspección"; the secretary will give full information on this procedure.

Further education

On successful completion of S6 students have the option of studying at Spanish, British or American Universities. During S5 and S6 students and parents are advised and assisted in deciding on which path to follow. English universities will take applicants with three A level passes, though some will accept students with two or one. Special selectividad pass is compulsory for entries in Spanish Universities.