The curriculum

Pupils at Canterbury follow the British National Curriculum which has been adapted where appropriate to our geographical location. In addition all pupils are expected to follow the Spanish section which deals with Spanish culture. The program stipulated by the Spanish Educational Authorities for language and literature is followed from Y2 to Year 13 (Enseñanza primaria – Bachiller) Secondary pupils also follow the established courses on Spanish history, geography and political organization.

British National Curriculum



Many children who enter the school when they are very small come from families whose mother tongue is not English and during the first three years at Canterbury great emphasis is placed on oral communication so that before a child learns to read and write he or she can understand the teacher and speak about normal daily events. However In their final year in this section, many of the pupils already have a good understanding of the rudiments of literacy
Once a pupil is in the Junior Department, the program of study for English offers children a variety of opportunities to develop their ability as speakers and listeners, readers and writers. In the Senior Department many literary texts are studies and the emphasis is placed on the gradual build up of their competence in written English. All pupils take IGCSE English as a first or second language and the majority takes English literature. In the sixth form English and English Literature may be taken at AS and A level


Throughout the school mathematics is based on the requirements of the National Curriculum. At the same time however, especially in the Senior Department, steps are taken to ensure the coverage of mathematical aspects dealt with in the LOE. Mathematics is taken at IGCSE level and bright mathematicians may also take the Additional Mathematics IGCSE examination. In the sixth form, pupils may also take both Mathematics and Further Mathematics at AS and A level.


In the Primary School emphasis is placed on children understanding the scientific method of deducing conclusions from previous experiments. In the Senior Department pupils follow courses covering physics, biology and chemistry. In the sixth form, Years 12 and 13, Psychology as well as the three main sciences are studied as separate subjects for AS and A level examinations.


All pupils follow the programs stipulated by the LOE for Spanish language and literature and the historical, geographical and political development of Spain. If these courses are followed successfully pupils may at any time move into the Spanish system of education. Most pupils usually take A level Spanish, with excellent results, at the end of Year 12.


In the Secondary School a third language, either French or German, is introduced and usually taken as an IGCSE examination. Both French and German may be taken as AS and A level examination in the sixth form.


In the Primary School and early secondary years history and geography are studied according to the requirements of the National Curriculum. In Years 10 and 11 Geography and History may be studied as optional subjects leading to IGCSE examinations. History and Geography may also be taken as AS and A level examinations in the sixth form.


In the Primary Department computers are in every classroom and are incorporated into daily learning: there is also a special computer room for class lessons The Senior Department has two special computer rooms with enough up-to-date machines for each child in the class to work individually. It is the school's policy that all children at Canterbury will be computer literate as this is an extremely important aspect of modern life. Computer Studies and Business Studies are offered as optional subjects in IGCSE, AS and A level examinations.


Art, music and drama are important at Canterbury. The personal pleasure that a developed aesthetic awareness gives should never be underestimated and for the younger children in the school such experiences form an important part of their learning. Both Music and Art may be taken as IGCSE, AS and A level examinations and both Junior and Senior School choirs have taken part in various local events. Music and drama frequently come together for summer and Christmas productions and create some of the highlights of our school year Dance lessons, including jazz and tap, are available for all pupils including the Infants. Individual piano lessons may also be arranged for pupils in San Lorenzo.


Pupils at Canterbury come from a varied background of religious belief and we consider that a general approach dealing with ethical and social values to be more appropriate that the specific teaching of any one religious faith. Many aspects of moral and social development are dealt with during tutorials. In the secondary department outside speakers frequently visit the school to give general talks when the topics involved are presented more successfully by specialists. Parents of strong beliefs in any one particular faith who wish their children to have instruction are advised to make their own arrangements.


PE and sporting activities are a very important part of most children's lives. Junior children have PE and games every week and may take part in karate, football and athletics at the end of the school day. Pupils may also choose to study PE for an optional IGCSE examination. As well as their weekly organized sports lessons, all pupils are invited to stay to 5.15 p.m. every evening to practice any one of the major sporting activities as late buses are arranged to Las Palmas. The most important of these activities is basketball. Pupils are trained to play this game well from the age of five and more than two hundred children of different ages take part in the Spanish School League and the Federated League.