Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-FBGC SOLICITUD LICENCIA 2014-2015Para tramitar la solicitud de la Licencia en la Federación de Baloncesto hay que descargar y rellenar el archivo de Excel: "FBGC Solicitud licencia baloncesto 2014-15"

Las instrucciones están en el archivo “Instrucciones licencia 2014-15” (atención a los plazos

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Horarios Basket 2014-15Días de entrenamiento (horario: de 15:40h. a 17:10h.):
Subrayados los entrenamientos de 17.15 a 18.45 horas
• al salir de clase han de cambiarse, merendar y posteriormente ir a la clase de estudio, donde habrá un entrenador de 15.55h a 17.00h.

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Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Infant welcome 2014-15Dear parents, A warm welcome to our new school year to everyone, especially to all our new K0 Teddies and K1 pupils, the majority of whom seem happy and settled with us already.

In this letter we would like to remind you about a few matters related to school life.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Marking and Homework PolicyHOMEWORK AND MARKING POLICY. SECONDARY DEPARTMENT CANTERBURY SCHOOL

Marking is done as a part of both formative and summative assessment. The former is assessment done during the learning process to enable the teacher to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student attainment. The latter is an assessment of a student's learning at a particular time, e.g. at the end of a topic or term.


Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Statistics external exams 2013-4Attached you will find the statistics corresponding to the results gained by our students in external exams in the British system (IGCSE, AS, A LEVELS). Congratulations to all for a set of very good results.


Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Newsletter SecundariaDear Parents: at the start of a new school year I would like to welcome all pupils who are either joining the Secondary School for the first time and those who are returning after what we hope was a wonderful summer holiday and come back to school with a desire to learn.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-P6 carta padres reunion septiembreDear parents: I am writing to inform you that there will be a meeting on Thursday Sept 11th 4.30 pm in the theatre located in the Primary building. In this meeting we will inform you of several aspects of this school year and also I will introduce P6 tutors to you. Please do not access the school before 4.15 pm to avoid traffic jams with the school buses

Colegio-Privado-Ingles-Britanico-Internacional-Las Palmas-Horario VeranoThe primary department office in San Lorenzo is open from 9h to 13h during the month of August.